Iraqi Oil Minister: Iraq's oil exports hit a record

Adel Abdul-Mahdi

Roudao - Arbil detect and Iraqi Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, on Sunday that oil exports in March amounted to more than 92 million barrels of oil, the highest rate in the history of Iraq.

He said Abdul Mahdi, in an article published on the newspaper justice issued Sunday in Baghdad that " -oil exports reached their highest in the history of Iraq as a whole. "

Mushir to many of the factors that have hindered the process of Iraqi oil exports the most important, control Daash on several installations Altaftyh, and the decline in world prices and increased demand, as well as the poor quality of the Basra oil, and finally legislation, laws and referral procedures, contracting and procedures that hamper the administrative and customs, health, and the executive and supervisory In Integrity and Inspection .

He noted the Iraqi oil minister to several factors contributed to the successful export of oil, including the process of the oil agreement with the province of Kurdistan, where he said: "Some have attacked when the agreement with the Kurdistan region, and the good people of these audit themselves after check a lot of positive results. correct decisions sometimes requires action against the tide and take bold positions.

We export today increasing amounts of production across the region, "Sumo", as the Kirkuk fields of production and export is back after a break since March 2014 because of acts of terrorism .. After the production of the Baiji refinery and other stops. "