Parliamentary approval of the economy calls for the central bank law and the "expulsion" of the government

Forecast for economic and investment commission parliamentary, on Sunday, taking the central bank package of measures that will reduce the price of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar, while confirmed that the citizen is the biggest affected by the high dollar exchange rate, demanded the adoption of a law on the Central Bank guarantees his independence from government.

A member of the Committee on the economy and investment representative, Najiba Najib in an interview for the "long" that "the central bank was able to maintain the dollar exchange rate at 130 thousand dinars for $ 100 through the procedures followed by," indicating that "the dollar exchange rate has risen during the past few days to more than it is now.

She said Najib saying that "the central bank was going to take some decisions that will bring the dollar to its former price outdated," unexpected "increase the width of the dollar, and reduce imports of foreign countries that require payment of the dollar from the Iraqi side.

She pointed out that "the lack of oil revenues in the current time also contributed to aggravate the financial crisis, especially that Iraq was receiving oil imports in dollars," asserting that "the citizen is affected by the first rise of the dollar to the relationship of this matter important joints of his life.

explained a member of the Kurdistan Alliance The committee "addressed in most of the time the government and the central bank confirmed that the survival of the dollar at this point will affect the Iraqi economy, especially since the citizens adopted a certain price for the disbursement of the dollar," pointing out that "the issue Banknotes category of 50 thousand dinars and 100 thousand dinars will contribute to reducing the the effects of the crisis, especially since these currencies will make the most of the groups acquired a large currency away from the dollar, and this may be part of the steps that may be followed by the central bank.

For its part, a member of the other Committee Nora Albjara said in a statement to the "long" that "the economic crisis caused by the rise in the dollar exchange rate, can not be completed without the legislation of a special law of the Central Bank guarantees his independence away from the government.

She added Albjara saying that "the central bank in the event of winning his case at the Federal Court to prevent the government from capping the dollar selling it would be a solution for easing the crisis." , noting that "the economic problems began Ttrutb result of this matter.

She Albjara that "most traders began playing for the purchase of goods because most transactions in dollars, which impact on the financial dealings," asserting that "some people have benefited from the crisis, especially property owners who agreed with Magerém to pay a dollar.

parliamentary finance committee expressed, earlier, concern about the continuing rise in the dollar's exchange rate against the dinar, while the central bank demanded to market containment.

He was prime minister for economic affairs adviser to the appearance of Mohammed Salehdescribed (4 March 2015), the high price US dollar exchange Balbsat, stressing that the central bank's actions are not the cause of it.

He said Mohammed Saleh, said that speculators and owners of banking offices behind the rise in the dollar against the Iraqi dinar, Petroejehm news imprecise about the dollar and tampering with the price of the dinar according to their wishes, stressing that "the rise in the price of the currency foreign simple which is ineffective, and will pass the demise of economic strain.

He stressed that "the new central bank action came to fortify the dollar selling process and not stop the auction currency final," he said, adding that the Iraqi dinar completely covered with foreign currency and there are no fears of the weakness of Iraq's reserves of hard currency ".