Parliamentary Finance: Central Bank has processors to maintain the exchange rate of the dollar

Trend Press - special

Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed that the Central Bank of Iraq is the party responsible for the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar and maintain it.

Committee member Jabbar Abdul Khaliq said in an interview with "The trend Press" that the central bank put a lot of processors through the multiplicity of selling the dollar and foreign currency outlets in markets, to maintain the stability of the exchange rate, likely not to see the Iraqi market higher prices in the coming period due to the availability of reserve CBE,

He said Abdul Khaliq that determine the exchange of shares ceiling prices to rise during the past few days, indicating that the Commission its control and not draw the Bank's policy of being an independent body.

The Iraqi market rise in the dollar's exchange rate against the dinar reached in some cases to 1235 dinars to the dollar, the highest rate up to the exchange rate during the past two years.

He attributed the owners of banking companies rise and fall of the exchange rate is linked to the central bank, which determines its price rising or falling procedures.
It is expected to offset the rise in the dollar exchange rate of decline in the volume of trading in the stock market.