The IMF provides loans to Iraq worth five billion dollars

Baghdad: the ... Mp for the parliamentary Finance Committee Haider Masood, Tuesday, the International Monetary Fundapproved the request of Iraq baakradah amount of five billion dollars as part of the response to the financial crisis in the country.

Haider said "the eye of the Iraq News Iraq had the right to apply to the Fund for financial loan in accordance with the budget law, pointing out that the Government submitted its request and approval of the Fund and the procedures of the Ministry of finance and the Monetary Fund on delivery amount.

He explained that there is interest by the International Fund for each loan granted and the interest rate according to the size of the amount borrowed.

Earlier, the Prime Minister's economic adviser Mohammad Saleh appearance announced the approval by the International Monetary Fundto lend Iraq $ 800 million with a future Governmentstressed to borrow from the IMF, $ 3 billion, saying it's simple and affordable benefits.