Najiba Najib: recent central bank measures to increase outlets sell the dollar will not dominate the local currency deterioration

29/04/2015 10:24

Confirmed member of the Economic Committee MP Najiba Najib, recent central bank measures to open outlets to sell the dollar will not dominate the local currency and rising dollar deterioration against the dinar, indicating that,

of the priorities of the Economic Commission agenda of the meeting today is to put measures in coordination with the central bank to reduce the dollar exchange rate in front of the Iraqi dinar and reduce the height.

She said Najib in a press statement that "the Economic Commission will put today's measures and proposals in coordination with the Central Bank in order to avoid the collapse of the local currency against the dollar,

saying that"
recent measures taken by the Bank to open outlets to sell the dollar that will not work to reduce the dollar as a result of the lack of vulnerable in the market. "

She said, "The committee will go down on the central bank include increased dollar selling outlets dramatically and speed by subtracting cash categories include the category of / 50 / thousand dinars, and the category of / 100 / thousand dinars,

and cooperation with the ministry interested in the economic sector up production to increase non-oil exports to attract hard currency from other countries. "

experiencing dollar prices continuing rise in front of the dinar in light of recent measures by the Central Bank to open outlets to sell the dollar, but it would not benefited Bshi.

The central bank decided last week to double the share of banking companies of the dollar , and allow banks Rafidain and Rasheed and Iraqi Trade to sell the dollar for companies and small importers as a measure to reduce the dollar prices in the Iraqi market after it witnessed a significant and surprising rise.