Starting 9 specialized international exhibitions next month

2/5/2015 0:00

Most notably the Iraq Project and energy and investment
Baghdad, Ahmed Abed Rabbo
It is hoped that kicks off next month Acts 9 international exhibitions specializing in the provinces of Baghdad, Irbil and Karbala.
The aide said trade fairs and services company in the Ministry of Commerce Director Mohammed Jassim Abbas in a statement the "morning": that the month of May will see the launch of 9 international specialized exhibitions involving Arab and foreign countries, in addition to a large number of domestic and foreign companies.
He added that "the land of the Baghdad International Fair will see the establishment of Iraq Project Gallery, the exhibition of the Iraqi energy for electricity, in addition to real estate and investment exhibition, and an exhibition of agriculture and food for the duration of (8 to 10) next June.

It is said that the exhibitions company is one of the prestigious companies in its regional environment where founded in 1959 and is interested in the establishment of trade fairs across the provinces and the most important of the annual session of the Baghdad International Fair, which is witnessing a high turnout by discreet international companies.

He added that the province of Arbil will also see the launch of Erbil International Fair ninth for building andreconstruction and construction, and the Erbil International Fair for the fourth stone, ceramic, for the period from 14 to 17 of the same month, in addition to medical care exhibition in Erbil for the period from 25 to 27, followed by the Iranian products exhibition for a period of 28
to 31 next month, will be launched in the province of Karbala in the exhibition and festival of Karbala on the occasion of the second day of the province for a period of 2 to 25 during the same month.

The aim of these exhibitions, according to Abbas, to create suitable for work and investment environment in Iraq, in addition to that he is a gateway for the latest modern technology to it, also represents a clear indication of the stability of the security situation in Iraq.