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To keep this forum to the point and useful for everyone, please read the following rules - they are simple and make common sense. When you choose to join our community, you agree to these rules so make sure you read them to avoid any mishaps.

  1. You agree not to hold Investor's Iraq or its members liable for anything stated within the forums - You are responsible for your own posts and agree not to hold investorsiraq.com liable for any messages posted. Messages posted at this site are the sole opinion and responsibility of the poster.
  2. Keep your language clean and decent - This include personal inflammatory language as well as obscenities. Please do not attempt to mask these words with symbols or substitute words (this includes the disrespectful use of the word Shiite which is a religious sect). If the word is masked and still understood, then you broke the rules just the same. All violations will be removed could result in the downgrade or termination of your account.
  3. RESPECT the users, the system, and the moderators - We put the system online in good faith, please use it in good faith. If you cannot refrain from disrespectful behavior, your account will be subject to downgrade or termination.
  4. You can only post rumors in the Rumor Forum. Rules for that forum are posted in that forum and must be followed. If you do not care for rumors, then don't go there.
  5. Do not discuss "other" dinar forums on this website or their members. We are not interested in internet drama, we are here to discuss investing in Iraq. Those who do not comply will be immediately removed.
  6. Avatar guidelines - Pics of sexy women are not permitted. They generally create distractions and off topic responses all over the forum. Administrator reserves the right to remove any avatar that is found to be a distraction or is in poor taste.
  7. Do not hijack threads or post off topic - Threads in the topics forum are for serious threads. Threads must stay on the topic assigned by the original poster and otherwise new threads should be created.
  8. Do not create entire new threads to invite specific user(s) to post - No need for threads such as "Yo Jack please answer" or "John Dinar, what do you think?". This is why the PM system exists. If the user wants to post, they will.
  9. Give your threads a relevant title - Threads titled "Very interesting" are not good. Try to give your thread a descriptive title.
  10. Post your threads in the proper forum - Multiple forums are available covering an array of topics and themes. Think before you post. Any blatant disregard for this will lead to a thread being rejected or deleted.
  11. Listing your dinar for sale is only permitted in the Buying/Selling Dinar Forum. Please do not attempt to sell your dinar in any other part of the forum. Investors Iraq does not endorse any bank, member or dealer buying, selling or exchanging dinar on this site. Transact at your own risk.
  12. ADVERTISING your commercial enterprise in your signature must be approved by an administrator.
  13. Do not post full names, e-mails - telephone # - and physical addresses. Read More advice about privacy and our privacy policy. I would like to clarify that APOs and or the disclosure of whereabouts of any person in the middle east is forbidden for security reasons. For the sake of safety, please do not post the names of Warka representatives on the forum - you may refer to them by their initials.
  14. You may not quote email excerpts and other private communication without the permission of the third party - This is to protect the privacy of the third party and for copyright reasons. Please paraphrase and do not use specifics (e.g. name, e-mail, or phone number).
  15. DO NOT POST entire articles, webpages, newsletters -
    • The general rule of ONLY A FEW SENTENCES and the link.
    • Always provide a link to the source of the content.
    • Feel free to pick and choose the most relevant statements, sentences, but not the whole article.
    • Translations, public documents (ie. gov't) and official press releases are EXCLUDED from this rule. These may be posted in their entirety.
    • When in doubt, you can either ask the Admin.
    • Violations will be removed and repeat offenders may lose some posting privileges.

  16. Use the Private Messaging function for extended one-on-one, more personal conversations - We want to make it easy for everyone to read through threads to get the info they desire, without having to sift throughpages of personal talk back and forth between only one or two members. This way, more people will continue to re-visit the forum assuring us we will continue obtaining all the up-to-date info.
  17. Abuse of Private Messaging (PM) will result in an indefinite ban - Abuse includes spam, mass commercial advertising, fraud, and any illegal activity. Users are urged to report such abuses to any of the moderators. DO NOT SOLICIT MEMBERS TO PM YOU FOR INFORMATION EITHER. THIS IS REVERSE SPAM AND IS UNACCEPTABLE.
  18. Do not register and use multiple usernames - Deceiving the forum members by using multiple usernames is prohibited.
  19. General decency - We reserve the right to determine what is decent and what will be permitted on this forum. It would be impossible to list specifically every indecent topic.

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Additional disclaimers:

1. This forum is not associated to Warka bank whatsoever.
2. Rumors are not facts and we do not check their validity.
3. We do not do background checks of any user. You could be reading posts written by dinar dealers, terrorists, government officials, psychopaths, or journalists. We know as much as you do about the authors of posts here - Nothing.