The economic and investment commission hosts the Governor of the Central Bank

May 03 .2015

The economic and investment commission hosted on Sunday, 05/03/2015, headed by MP Jawad al- Chairman of the Committee and the presence of Messrs members, Mr. Ali Keywords Governor of the Central Bank to discuss the monetary policy of the Bank and ways to encourage the private sector.

The head of the economic and investment commission during the meeting that it is important at this stage where the country is suffering from the financial and economic crises that operate fiscal and monetary policies to promote economic reality which is viewed with hope for investment and the private sector. "

He said al-Bolani said on relevant policy monetary act now and quickly to invest the money supply available and channeled properly to support private sector companies and banks sector, and here this liquidity will work as an engine driver of investment which will generate additional financial returns and increases the total national income and gross domestic product (GDP).

For his part, Governor of the Central Bank announced the completion of the final touches to issue a new currency of 50 000 dinars category which would reduce the volume of cash in circulation.

He Keywords that the central bank began lending process biggest banks sector and private banks and invest the money in investment projects and also support various economic sectors such as agriculture, industry, housing and others.