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Thread: "Central" between "print" Iraqi banknotes and delete zeros

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    Lightbulb "Central" between "print" Iraqi banknotes and delete zeros

    2015/05/10 11: 03

    "Central" between "print" Iraqi banknotes and delete zeros

    In the event the Government lending and issuing large cash categories can get inflated in price.

    Baghdad/Obelisk said Iraq Prime Minister Counsellor for Economic Affairs, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, the Iraqi Central Bank printed large cash categories, an important step on the road to monetary reform that supports the nation's economy, noting the market need to cash large groups that deal with very large monetary blocs in Iraq especially since the cash payments than dealing with instruments and electronic payment cards.

    He noted that the draft printed significant cash categories not on monetary policy but the management system of payments projections, pointing out that the reduced amounts of money especially if large categories are 90 percent of the money supply in circulation.

    He's pursued "the Obelisk" in the report in the London-based newspaper Al-Hayat, that these large categories is a monthly amount of money supply in the market but in different categories, and not increasing the principal amount. He ruled out the possibility of inflation as a result of the implementation of the project, pointing out that "the Central Government does not lend.

    "If the Government lending and issuing large cash categories could get inflation in prices,
    with the country experiencing a contraction in liquidity in dinars or the dollar cash block size in Iraq less than 40 trillion dinars (about 31 billion dollars).

    Brokers expressed in currency market fears of new currency issued by the high, noting that such a move would lead to the loss of the cash value of any actions that aim to revitalize economic sectors.

    He quoted an economist as policy now in Iraq a "deflationary", and that this issue needs to be balance in the exchange rate could not be spending on the venture side due to the lack of imports and mismanagement of funds in the past and the lack of productive sectors, also warned of continued misguided policies on monetary policy, calling on government officials to recognize the importance of the subject in connection with all economic sectors.

    The Economist has ruled against Sayegh feet "Central" to the deletion of zeros from the currency, in the current circumstances because of the unstable economic situation, and that such action does not lead to increased economic activity because the monetary value comes from the volume of activity in sectors that contribute to the strength of Exchange.

    The Central Bank Governor told the Commission on economy and investment in the House to the Bank in connection with the printing of new securities from 50 000 to enhance the efficiency of the payments system.

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    Just "LOP" it already !! I don't get the economic problem is "Value" Neutral !!!.... It just makes it easier to carry small notes !!!

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