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Thread: yahooo.... 5-16-2015 (Print thousand paper of class 25 thousand does not cost $ 60)

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    yahooo.... 5-16-2015 (Print thousand paper of class 25 thousand does not cost $ 60)

    Central: Print thousand paper of class 25 thousand does not cost $ 60

    Author: Laith Mohammad Reza on:

    May 16, 2015

    BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) said Manager version in the Central Bank Ihsan al-Yasiri, the central Iraqi prints thousand paper of class 25 000 dinars in Arsn international companies at a cost of less than $ 60, noting that the bank will not spend significant financial liquidity for the printing of the new denominations because the cost of a few.

    The Yasiri's (IMN) that "the central bank is serious about printing new cash categories that will be one of the two categories of 50 and 100 000 dinars, which is in the process of selecting designs and corporate printer."

    He continued that "copyright decision of the powers of the Central Bank exclusively because it is part of the monetary policy, which can not interfere by any party, "stressing that" printed currency project is necessary to modify the Iraqi banknotes structure in preparation for the implementation of the project to delete the zeros. "

    He pointed out that "the Iraqi dinar is very strong currency but restructuring banknote weak because the lar
    gest coin is a class of 25 dinars, equivalent to $ 22,and this weak structure makes the citizen prefer to deal instead of the dinar to the dollar. "

    said Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Adviser appearance of Mohammed Saleh, earlier, that the draft Print Central Bank of Iraq large cash categories, an important step on the road to monetary reform, which supports the country's economy, Mbenaaon Iraq is suffering a contraction in liquidity, whether in dollars or dinars as a monetary bloc in Iraq size of about 40 trillion dinars.

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    Specialists describe the central bank cut the rate of the dinar to the bitter treatment


    BAGHDAD / JD / .. A number of experts and specialists in the financial and economic affairs, said the central bank has taken several measures to reduce the federal budget for the 2015 deficit, which exceeded the rate of more than 40%, including reducing the dinar exchange rate against the dollar, noting during their talk Agency / JD / that the reduction rate of the dinar against the dollar is a cure, but over because it will raise the rates of inflation and reduces the strength of the local currency, while the dollar swung the price will stabilize at 1300 dinars in the coming period.

    He says economist Maitham coffee, "The reduction of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate will benefit the budget, because every dollar sells for the central bank at the most expensive of the dollar, which means that before the budget is funded by the difference between the price of two dollars deficit Alambain".

    He told coffee / JD /, that "this policy is used on a global scale, regardless of the level of progress or the availability of resources in the countries, a cure for the problems of the budget deficit and balance of payments deficit at the same time."

    He pointed out that the measure has immediate and future effects, which can lead to higher prices in the domestic market, but this rise could end excitement that it led to a decline in consumption and imports has been stimulated by market forces. "

    "Even on payments features could be improved in the future through lower imports could increase the surplus or at least the surplus," adding that "its direct impact will be to reduce the budget deficit."

    For his part, he criticized the President of the Economic Information Center lion Mohammed Ali, lowering the dinar exchange to reduce the budget deficit rate policy the fact that going to hurt the citizens, adding that "the salaries and revenue people are denominated in dinars and reduce the value of the dinar mean multiples of the ability of citizen's purchasing power, and this will lead to higher inflation rates."

    Mr Mohamed Ali told / JD / "The vision must be based on the experiences and the liberalization of the exchange rate or approaching that in the absence of full need coverage will lead to a steady rise in the local market is very sensitive and subject absolutely inflationary shocks internal and external with the stability of income levels."

    He added that "for the hypothesis and if you do not get cases of economic contraction due to declining employment will lead to a rise in prices of services and goods and the movement of the market indicate that the response to rising prices and its impact on higher consumer price of the real impact of any that the state monopoly still dominate the local market economy." .

    As an economic expert Sumaisem peace, it confirmed that this policy is a cure, but over what is happening from economic fluctuations in the country, noting that the application will reduce the budget deficit, but it will affect the local market in terms of higher prices.

    And witnessing the dollar exchange rate rise against the dinar per dollar, reaching the price of 1300 dinars.
    And suffer the budget in 2015 approved an estimated $ 119 trillion dinars and an oil price of $ 56 a barrel from a large fiscal deficit estimated at more than 40% because of lower oil prices in world markets.

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    05.16.2015 7:39 p.m

    Long-Presse / Baghdad

    Iraqi Central Bank revealed on Saturday, the bank reserve "will not affect", in any form, indicating that the current month reserve higher than its predecessor, while pointing out that if Iraq remained dependent on oil as a principal source of resources will remain affected "negatively and positively "with the rise and fall of oil prices.

    He said the Iraqi Central Bank Governor Mahdi Keywords in an interview with a number of media, including the (long-Presse) on the sidelines of a seminar the application of standards of international accounting in Baghdad, said the hotel "Central Bank reserves is changing on a daily basis, based on the central bank's foreign purchases coverage or Foreign Trade and based on Iraq's imports in the oil sector and imports of the dollar, "noting that" did not affect the reserve will not affect in any way in this month's central bank reserves is higher than the previous month and a reserve this is a good sign. "

    Keywords adding, that "monetary policy is trying to balance the need for Iraq in the various pieces of foreign currency in the exchange rate which is very important in order to keep the balance of the reserve force coverage of the currency as a cover for the local currency."

    He continued Keywords, "We aspire to be the Iraqi economy strength is the real power of the Iraqi dinar and not just buying and selling of currency operations and this therefore needs to be reformed significant economic and plans operations in order to have the Iraqi dinar strongly in the markets," adding that "Iraq if it remained dependent on resources oil as a principal source will remain affected positively and negatively with the rise and fall of oil prices. "

    For his part, Director General of the Financial Supervision and member of the Finance Gauger Iraqi Council of Salah al-Nuri behind in an interview with the (long-Presse), the "Council adopted a calibrated international accounting standards accounting and the rest of the countries should adopt in order to unite," pointing out that "Iraq adopts Gauger through the adaptation of international accountant as it deems necessary and therefore Iraq has 14 accounting rule. "

    Between and behind, that "the unified accounting system is a tool for easy accountant and a heuristic for the application of Standards and if what has been updated with the international system will be much the Iraqi accountant easy."

    It is noteworthy that the central bank confirmed, during the month of January 2015, that the reserves will exceed the $ 80 billion during the first half of the same year, but will not reach $ 100 billion due to weak retail Iraqi oil revenues and through which access to the dollar to strengthen reserves.

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