Parliamentary Finance: strengthening of the dinar currency to print large

Baghdad: parliamentary Finance Committee announced, Monday, that the central bank in connection with the strengthening of the dinar by printing large local financial currencies.

Said committee member Majda al-Tamimi for "tomorrow Press," that "the reasons for the weakness of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar due to the size of the money supply and the difference great price, "pointing out that" the past years there was a project to strengthen the dinar and repaired by deleting three zeros from the Iraqi currency but has been postponed.

She explained that "the project could not be applied at the present time because of the economic, political and security situation that the country is living, what gives likelihood to achieve negative things reflected on the financial and economic situation. " confirmed Tamimi that "the most appropriate solutions for the time being to strengthen the dinar is by printing a large local currencies Kvita the (50 100 A), under which possible that the currency bloc closer and makes them relative to the dollar." .