Economic Advisor to the Government welcomes the decision of the central

5/21/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Alaa al-Tai
Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister counting the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, the Iraqi Central Bank measures, lifting sales of the dollar, "an important step on the road to control inflation size", describing it as "successful policy within the time."

Saleh said, in his capacity as an expert in the Iraqi Central Bank "morning": that "cash economy in spite of the great difficulties that the central bank is facing in light of the economic recession and the lack of revenues due to the war waged by the country but he was able to find a successful andrational policy in timing and in line with the requirements of the current stage. "

Salih stressed that there is flexibility in the procedures adopted to maintain economic development, where it was decided to put the necessary measures to remedy the situation of some private banks that suffer a shortage of liquidity in order to ensure treatment of their positions.

He pointed out that "the central bank claims in Federal Court still exist, regarding paragraph 50 of the federal budget law for 2015, which identified the bank sales to $ 75 million a day of hard currency."

Central Bank of Iraq and recently decided to raise the daily sales of the dollar for banking companies and foreign transfers, as well as adoption of measures to remedy the situation of some private banks that suffer a shortage of liquidity and reduce the time period for the implementation of foreign remittances. "

In a related development, sources in the Central Bank revealed the launch amount trillion dinars for private banks to finance small and medium enterprises loans to citizens and approve their own controls in addition to that he deliberately to approve instructions regulating the work of guaranteed bank loans companies.