International Alliance gives Abadi three months to implement his promises reform

Wednesday 03 June 2015 | 18:52

Iraqi source familiar with the detection of granting international coalition deadline of three months to the prime minister Haider al-Abadi to fulfill his promises.

The source explained that "al-Abadi won three promises conditional versus reassure Sunni Arabs arming tribes and the adoption and implementation of the National Guard Law and activating the national reconciliation file and cancel memorandums of judicial arrest which was issued politically motivated,
whether under the heading of terrorism or integrity and the adoption of the amnesty law and the realization of balance within the government file and scalable People crowd at the level of armament and financial spending and participation in leadership. "

The source added that "in exchange for the implementation of those promises America and Britain pledged to crack down on the media jihad, and pledged the United States, France, Italy and Saudi Arabia, draining the sources of financing of terrorism,
as Turkey and NATO pledged to control the border, and vowed to France and Britain to stop the flow of migrants towards Iraq and Syria."

He stressed that he "was identified three months to monitor the fulfillment of his promises Abadi, which is promising in the first Paris Conference, and confirm with Obama in Washington and repeated it in Paris in the second conference of this June."

The Abadi has reached Iraq, coming from Paris after a counter-terrorism conference in which the international coalition discussed the war on "Daash" hard-line and the possibility of elimination and the reduction of its capabilities as soon as possible.