The completion of a plan for 920 investment opportunity in various sectors

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Since 06/05/2015 16:52 pm (Baghdad time)

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National Investment Commission announced the completion of the investment map of the 2015 University of investment opportunities in all state ministries and included (920) spread over various economic sectors investment opportunity.

And called on the head of the Sami Raouf Al-Araji "Investing in the provinces to nominate important investment opportunities and the priority displayed within the investment map, to highlight them and promoting them at conferences and investment forums at the local and international level and other means of promotion" bodies.

He said al-Araji, "presided over the regular meeting of the Investment Commissions in the provinces, the importance of giving a clear and precise position by chairpersons regarding the land allocated for investment in their provinces."

And that "the investor must begin implementation during a period of up to six months in the absence of any technical problem or administrative can be solved by investing donor conservative body of the vacation, and otherwise are Andhirah to be after the withdrawal of the license if it is proved that there is manipulation or lack of seriousness of the investor in the implementation of the project. "

He stressed the importance of an inventory of all land allocated for investment in each province and remodeling investment opportunities that have been withdrawn from the lagging projects and modify them in line with the needs of each province