Abadi adviser: banks are dealing with the citizen by his desire to acquire the currency with the exception of foreign remittances
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BAGHDAD / Sky Press: Faleh Hussein

He denied the appearance of Mohammed Saleh Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Thursday, news of the issuance of mainstream banks to deal with the citizen dinar currency only, while noting that the central bank issued a circular on foreign remittances that are dealt in Iraqi dinars.

Said Mohammed Saleh for "Sky Press," that "the news of local banks dealing with citizens only in Iraqi dinars when you drag the instruments of financial accounts are baseless."

"The central bank issued a circular to all banks dealing with foreign remittances only in Iraqi dinars to keep hard currency and to support the Iraqi dinar exchange rate."

The news indicated the central bank issued a directive to all local banks to deal with citizens in Iraqi dinars when withdraw money deposited in which to keep hard currency.