Rafidain Bank issued the smart card to the staff of breeding Maysan
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[Baghdad - where]
issued Rafidain Bank, the smart card to the staff of the Directorate-General for Education Maysan province.

According to a statement of the bank, on Saturday, the agency received all of Iraq [where], a copy of it, "it was issuing thousand smart card to breeding Maysan staff", adding that "will be delivered to their salaries through this service instead of manual cash."

He added that " the bank has received many requests for the issuance of the card to the staff of departments and state institutions, "stressing" his willingness to meet them and provide this service and with ease. "

The Ministry of Education announced in 30 of last May, its intention to smart card adoption in staff wages and to address the issue of delayed exchange.
confirmed a statement received by [where], that "serious ministry to take all the steps and decisions that will address the problem of delay in the payment of salaries for teachers and lectureship and administrators associate her," pointing out "It's in an effort to resolve this crisis will be the general directorates of the adoption of the smart card to receive monthly salaries of the staff, so as to end the state of the delay in the disbursement and avoid the problem of transferring large sums of money to the hot provinces, especially those that are impeding the process of exchange and affect them dramatically ".