Urgent government decided to send 600 billion dinars for the salaries of the staff of the region for the month of May

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[Baghdad - where]
the parliamentary finance committee, announced the intention of the federal government to send 600 billion Iraqi dinars, to the Kurdistan region of salaries to its employees for the month of May.

The committee member said Sarhan Ahmad, told all of Iraq [where], that "the Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, announced that the government decided to send the amount of 600 billion Iraqi dinars to the Kurdistan region, for its oil exports for the month of May Khsth of the budget for the current year."

He explained, "from supposed to be the region's share of 0.900 billion dinars, However, given the economic crisis in the country, and the State's need for additional funds for the sustainability of the battle was decided to send 600 billion dinars. " Ahmed added that "the budget law is a road map for the export of Iraqi oil Kurdistan region, so the region and as stated in the budget must be issued 550 000 barrels per day, and this is what was agreed upon by the parties, "likely that the province issued last month 0.570 thousand barrels daily average, no more than the agreed."

The Federal Government may was sent to the Government of the Territory at the end of the month of January 2015, an amount of 250 billion dinars, and in February posted 460 billion, and in the ninth of April, sent 527 billion dinars. The Government of the Territory and the federal government have signed an agreement providing for the export of the region 550 000 barrels per day of oil province of Kirkuk and to calculate the SOMO, for sending the Kurdistan Regional Government's share of the federal budget, amounting to 17% .