Iraq index recorded a remarkable increase by the end of trading today, Baghdad / Baghdad Uz..artf index

Iraqi end of the session, on Wednesday, to the level of 969.34 points, 11.23 points towards profitable growth accounted for about 1.17%. A statement by the Iraqi market received / Baghdadi News / copy of it, that “the size of trading today amounted to almost 1.1 billion shares were the implementation of 560 transactions at an overall liquidity of about 272.62 million dinars.” The statement added that “today’s trading were shares of 34 companies, rose, including shares of 15 companies fell 10 shares and settled the remaining nine at the previous closing levels”, adding that “shares (the Middle East Bank) more shares that offset record rate of 4.29%, with record share Secretary of the investment “, the lowest the stock by 20%.” And non-Iraqi trade, the number of shares bought amounted to about 225 million shares valued at 294 million dinars, while the total number of shares sold amounted to about 280 thousand shares worth amounted to 258 million dinars. Iraqi and ended Tuesday’s session the index, at 958.11 points, losing 9.78 points to a rate of 1.01% .