Dr. Jim Willie: 'These Are Very Dangerous Times' - Petrodollar Dismantling - 'Deep In The Land Of Surreal' - use link for video -http://allnewspipeline.com/Jim_Willie_These_Are_Very_Dangerous_Times.php[/size]

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Dr. Jim Willie, publisher of GoldenJackass.com and the Hat Trick Letter, joins Paul Sandhu to discuss a wide ranging variety of topics where he begins after his introductions with the chilling statement "These are very dangerous times," concluding that we are all "deep in the land of surreal."

After first addressing the rumors of John Kerry being shot by the terror group ISIS, which initially started with a Sorcha Faal story and developed a life of its own across the internet, Willie launches into his area of expertise, being the economy and the chaos of what he is watching happen across the globe, including how the pertrodollar is dimantling before our very eyes.

Topics include:

- The Deutsche Bank breakdown following the dismissal of its two CEOs who manage the commercial bank and derivative house.

- Some details about the London Whale (Bruno Iksel of JPMorgan) with massively under-stated derivative losses.

- The positive motives of the Asian Elite to clean up the vile Western Elite and to restore the earth's environment with ended giant fraud and Agenda-21 destruction then to adopt the Gold Trade Standard that will end the global systemic fraud.

- The motivation and direction by China of the IMF to include the RMB currency in the Special Drawing Rights basket in order to seed RMB bonds across the global banking system.

- The sequence likely to occur for the introduction of Gold Trade Notes as Letters of Credit in trade payment and RMB bonds placed as banking reserves and RMB role as transitional tool and finally the BRICS gold & silver backed new table of currencies.

- The broken USTreasury Bonds and their several fracture symptoms like REPO and Dollar Swaps and negative rates.

- The debut of the BLICS nations for concealing poorly the USFed export of $818 billion in USTBonds as the central bank spews out unsterilized bond purchases with five helping hands.

- The Greek debt situation within the viewpoint of Germany managing to hold together the EU debt cables to Athens for the potential purpose eventually of bringing Central Europe and Southern Europe intact to the Eurasian Trade Zone managed and led by Russia & China with a massive flip east.

- The fascist corporate trade partnerships with Europe and Asia (TTIP & TPP) with attempts to seize control of patents, food, and internet.

This is a fast paced interview with Dr. Willie and a must-hear.