Financial representative: a United Nations delegation arrives to investigate the issue of Central Bank

| On 2012-12-07 | Writer A.N | Number of readings 211 |
03: 10 pm

Revealed the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Parliament, the arrival of a United Nations delegation to Baghdad, to investigate corrupt files in the Central Bank.

Member of the Finance Committee said the Iraqi list MP Hassan aozmn told the press that a delegation from the United Nations arrived in Baghdad in the past two days, noting that a delegation of experts to investigate the cause of the Central Bank and corrupt files raised, pointing out: it called on the Iraqi Government to provide it with the names of those involved in corruption at the Bank, and this has become an International Bank.

Aozmn said: the United Nations is entitled to intervene in this case, for two reasons, one: that Iraq remains under item VII. II: Iraq from participating States in signing the International Convention to combat money laundering.