The new investment law is ready for vote: raise taxes urgent and vacations for investor

23/06/2015 15:15

Special scales News

Pledged to the economic and investment commission parliamentary, Tuesday, introduced the new investment law to vote in the next legislative term, indicating that "There are no problems facing the approval of the law".

The Deputy Chairman of the Committee Harith al-Harthy's / scales News / "The new investment law abolished all the laws made by Paul Bremer, then on investment," noting that "the new law will contribute to support and stimulate the economy with compel the Central Bank with the support of private banks."

He pointed Harthy that "the law will raise taxes for companies and facilitate the entry of foreign companies and gives the vacation site investment in just 15 days," noting that "the parliamentary Committee serious study and amend the draft investment law to end the administrative routine series To achieve the flexibility that must be treated by the investor."

The "House of Representatives discussed the second reading of the draft law of the Second Amendment to the investment law number" 13 "for the year 2006."

It is said that, "Rep. Nora Albjara had revealed earlier in the L / scales News / amended investment law that requires the involvement of 75% of the Iraqi labor in projects"