US network: Jordanian branch of the Bank continues to work in Mosul

BAGHDAD / long-Presse

Jordanian bank promised to work in Mosul management, that the conditions of the city "is not as bad as" inconceivable that the media, and that there are going about their business normally.

While Daash showed that lacks sufficient capacity to manage the city and "will not remain forever under control", he expressed optimism in the Iraqi market.
This came in a report to the TV station CNBC US economic news, from the bank branch Capital BankCapital Bank of Jordan in Mosul, I followed the (long-Presse), Tuesday. He said the bank manager, on behalf of Salem, in an interview with the satellite, said that "the control of the organization Daash Mosuldid not affect the way of life of people or business dealings," returned to "commercial bankbusiness in Mosul going about normal, not affected by the existence of this organization."

According to the American station, that "Capital Bank of Jordan Bank owns 72% of the shares of NationalBank of Iraq, a member of the Capital Bank Group, and has several branches in Iraq, in Mosul, one of them occupied by Daash."Salem added, that "the bank has not any commercial dealings in Mosul, but its doors are open to the depositors withdraw their deposits to do if they want it," noting that there is "depositors withdrew their deposits, while others decided to keep it in the bank." TV showed that the "Bank Capital Bank, based in Amman, Jordan-based, is a meeting place for investors who seek to spend their money in the Iraqi market." He said the bank manager, that "things are on the ground in Mosul to be not as bad as portrayed through the media", Msttrda that "Daash organization lacks sufficient capacity to manage the city will remain dominant in the land forever."

And saw Salem, that "the main problem is that we are in Iraq now is the lack of liquidity," pointing out that "the population of the northern regions, which simplifies the organization Daash influence them, do not receive their salaries on time what effect on the rate of growth and activity that we have seen over the past two years. But Jordanian banking, expressed "optimism in the Iraqi market." The talk about the existence of branches of Arab banks in Mosul are still working despite control Daash, after months of talk a number of MPs and politicians about the presence of representatives of companies and economic entities dealing with the organization, both in Mosul and other areas controlled by Iraq or Syria in the sale of oil getaway and transfer of funds. The Daash seized Mosul, Nineveh province, (405 km north of Baghdad), in (the tenth of June 2014 the past), before extending his terrorist activities to other regions make up a quarter of the area of ​​Iraq, and committing "violations" where, which promised him destinations Several local and international, including the UN Security Council, "war crimes and genocide."