Government and Parliament fear of a relationship between Capital Bank in Mosul and Baghdad banks

Author: ASJ, HH
Editor: BK, HH
06.27.2015 11:43
Long-Presse / Baghdad

Expressed the Iraqi government and the House of Representatives, on Saturday, their fears of a relationship between Capital Bank branch Jordanian in Mosul, Iraqi banks in the capital, Baghdad, and a student of the Central Bank Batalallma the details of his financial and economic implications for the country, as called for deputy from the province of Nineveh to subdue subject of scrutiny to avoid any damage.

He said the economic advisor to the Prime Minister the appearance of Mohammed Saleh said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The government looked at the report, which was published in a number of media on the exercise of Bank Capital Branch Jordanian bank done about normal in Mosul, which is under the control of the organization Daash terrorist", noting that "the Council of Ministers sent an inquiry to the CBI to find out the circumstances of the matter."

Saleh added that "Capital Bank Arab Bank but its owner Iraqi because the law does not allow the exercise of any Arab Bank or a foreign work in Iraq unless the owner Iraqis, even if the shares up to 100," and expressed fear of the possibility of "the existence of a connection to Capital Bank or branch banks of Iraqi President has in Iraq, what constitutes that of security and economic problem for the country, which should be known to the central bank. "

For his part, the Parliamentary Finance Committee member Jabbar Abdul Khaliq, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The Central Bank of Iraq is on the subject," adding that "the Commission will be directed inquiries to the Central Bank in that regard."

He explained Abdul Khaliq, that "mere continuation of such bank to open its doors in Mosul raises many question marks should be pursued, even if not exercised his business, especially since the city under the control of the organization Daash terrorist," pointing out that "Capital Bank branch in Mosul followed by banks It owns 80% of the Iraqi bank shares, as it enters the currency auction, organized by the Central Bank, and the remittances of foreign currency. "

The member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, that "the Commission will be directed inquiries to the central bank to Atalaaha details on the subject and how the existence of the branch in the presence of Daash and therefore the financial and economic implications for the country."

For his part, MP for the province of Nineveh Alloizi Abdul Rahman, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The available information indicates that the Mosul branch of Capital Bank, does not exercise any business currently," stressing that "it did not deliver the branch of the organization Daash Like Other financial institutions in the city. "

He called Alloizi, to the need to "subdue subject to scrutiny to detect any possible connections to the branch with the rest of Iraqi banks to avoid any damage."

A report by the station CNBC television the US economic news, highlighted the Bank Capital Branch Bank Capital Bank of Jordan in Mosul, indicating that it is functioning normally and that the conditions of the city "is not as bad as" envisaged by the media, and that the work there is going about normal, while between that (Daash) lacks sufficient capacity to manage the city and "will not remain forever under control", he expressed optimism in the Iraqi market.

According to the American station, that Capital Bank of Jordan Bank owns 72 percent of the shares of National Bank of Iraq, a member of the Capital BankGroup, and has several branches in Iraq, in Mosul, one of them occupied by Daash.