Sentenced to ten years on each of the director and owner of Basra, Al-Ahli Bank for embezzlement


Basra - Iraq Press - July 3: According to informed sources, on Friday, that the penal body Court of Federal Discrimination ratified the Criminal Court's decision Rusafa judge jailed both the owner and director of Basra, Al-Ahli Bank ten years, pointing out that "the penal body in the Federal Court of Cassation and I found that the decisions of the Rusafa criminal court judge convicted the criminalization according to the provisions of Article 444 of the Penal Code and sentenced to every one of them to prison for ten years. " It noted that "the sentences imposed on the National Director of Basra comes on charges of embezzlement worth 625 billion dinars from the Rafidain Bank in one of the crimes of theft of state funds."

To that indicated Integrity Commission to, that "the Department of Investigation in the Integrity Commission reviewed the crime committed in 2009 and convicted, Hassan Ghalib Abdul Hussein, owner of Basra, Al Ahli Bank and Mdaralamsrv, Haidar Badr Abdullah, Okdma to commit the crime of theft by manipulating the bank accounts and provide remittances and withdrawals and deposits fake led to the theft (625,685,788,908) billion dinars from the Rafidain / branch bank account President, one of the important government banks in Iraq.