Baghdad province announced the arrest of three terrorist gangs

BAGHDAD - Wafaa Amer

Baghdad province announced that on 25 July
of this first phase will see the launch of the single card project. This comes at a time revealed the arrest of three terrorist gangs.

Technical MP for the province of Baghdad Jassem Mohan Boukhaty said in a statement the "morning": that "the province also adopted in coordination with the Interior unified card project, which will contribute to the elimination of administrative and financial corruption and contributes at the speed of completion of transactions. "
He noted that the first phase of this project will be launched on the 25th of this month, as it will ease the burden of the use of the four documents in formal reviews when citizens, pointing out that the province has been delivered by the project system (GPS) cross erected thousands of cameras connected to the network Wideto show all citizens in the system data.
The Interior Ministry confirmed "the arrival of shipments of device and equipment for the system of national card with the arrival of the first shipments of crude national card," pointing out that "the specialists in the card Directorate will develop a special mechanism to call the citizens and explain how their review to circles Status installed in chains ".uchir official estimates that the financial cost of this project, which believes in shorthand four official cards of the Iraqi people and one card, will increase to $ 400 million, but it will ensure reduction of more than 30 million card and record, and turn them into digital information using the devices and systems modern.
It is the card specifications they will be valid for ten years, which contain information on the real property and civil registration, criminal registration, as well as car ownership and other information.
With regard to the security file, said Boukhaty that "the province has supported a lot of security projects in the capital in order to create a solid system protect citizens from all attacks. "
He said that the province has made ​​several achievements in this field, including the establishment of Sitarat with Directorate (k9) in the Ministry of Interior, in addition to strengthening the typical checkpoints eight sonar system of international origins contributed acronym inspection and easily detect suspects.
However, he noted that the province is currently coordinating with the Ministry of Interior to reconsider Balsetarat deployed in Baghdad, especially that most of these checkpoints proved ineffective in keeping the security situation or explosives detection, and therefore, there are efforts in order to pull the checkpoints to the ends of the entrances to Baghdad while keeping checkpoints president.

He Boukhaty : that "the Baghdad belt rivers surrounded by hand Diyala River to the east, as well as the Tigris River from the other side," explaining that the province has proposed to the Ministry of Interior to the entrances of Baghdad be among the areas with which the water in order to cut any way to carry out terrorist operations where and ease of detection entrants them suspects.

He also called for technical deputy to activate the work of the protections of the characters of the officials in the arrest of the terrorists, adding that their number more than 164 thousand in Baghdad, a number sufficient to monitor the collaborators movements with gangs and sleeper cells through intelligence coordination higher, as well as the intensification of protection to vital facilities, which are targets fixed for terrorists such as universities and schools, as well as mosques and Shiite mosques and stations of water, electricity and vital projects, warning that the northern and southern regions to the outskirts of Baghdad need to intelligence effort intensive and control to monitor the kidnapping gangs and perpetrators Alamilit.ovi this context, announced Boukhaty that the security forces have recently arrested three terrorist gangs in the areas of Salman Beck, Abu Ghraib, Yusufiyah, including criminal who carried out the car bomb on the MP Ahmad al-Khafaji's motorcade as it passed in the Holy Kadhimiya area through November of last year the month of 2014