10/12/2012 22:28:00
Erbil (NINA) Spokesman for the Government of Kurdistan Region, Sefeen Dezee, affirmed that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has appointed commanders, from the former regime, in the Dijla Operations, accusing Maliki of pushing the crisis to the brink of armed conflict.

In a statement to the press on Monday, Dec. 10, Dezee said, "The Region's Government will continue pursuing the mean of dialogue in solving current crisis to safeguard the country from undesirable outcome.

He added that a 14-point agreement to solve the crisis with the Center has been suggested, but Maliki did not agree on any of its points, stating that residents are responsible for protecting their areas, but he did not make a move toward implementing it.

Dezee criticized, what he described, "Maliki's attempts of imposing the policy of fait accompli." He expressed hope of reaching a solution to current crisis through dialogue between all parties.