Oil and energy parliamentary: will be hosting the Ministers of Finance and the oil in the federal government in the next House of Representatives sessions

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / ... A member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Ali Faisal al-Fayad, on Monday, that the House of Representatives and Satadhav oil and finance ministers in the central government and the Minister of Natural Resources in the province in order to learn Consequences that have occurred on the oil agreement between the Governments of center and the region

Said Fayad told / Baghdadi News /, that "the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary decided to host Minister and Minister of Oil and Minister of Finance in the Federal Government and the Minister of oil andnatural resources in the provincial government in order to stand on the setback and the consequences that have occurred on the oil agreement between the federal governments and the provincial government." .

"The Commission found that the best solution to resolve conflicts and disputes is the legislation of the oil and gas law, which guarantees the rights of all of the federal government and the provincial government."

He explained that "the difference of opinion between the leaders of the political blocs delayed the adoption of this law during the previous sessions," noting that "the Commission demanded earlier in the need to put this law on the agenda of the House of Representatives agenda during the previous sessions but to no avail."

He noted that "during supposed to take place in the coming days and in the presence of Ministers meeting will be put all the papers to see the conflicting parties rights"