Ban Ki-moon calls on the Iraqi government to speed up the implementation of the political agreement and the ministerial program


Said Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations to "organize Daash is still far from the defeat in Iraq, and the gains made ​​by Iraqi security forces remains fragile." He warned the UN official, in a report presented tonight to the members of the UN Security Council, which he called "the setback suffered by the efforts of Iraq in the fight against terrorism in the wake of the takeover Daash on the gray." Ki-moon called on the Iraqi government to "expand the scope of financial and military support to local authorities and communities to enable them to take on the largest share of the responsibility for the restoration of land regulation." Secretary General of the International Organization Ali stressed the importance of "strengthening the Iraqi government to continue its campaign against the organization to give a strong role to PDF crowd and volunteers year." He said he "should all be elements of the campaign under the leadership of the government and its control and should form the principle of full accountability for its work with continuity at the same time the implementation of measures aimed at restructuring the security and military institutions in the country." Ki-moon welcomed the report as "the Government of Iraq's commitment to finding ways to strengthen political dialogue and inclusive national reconciliation." He stressed that "promote the spirit of national unity, one of the most effective ways to combat extremist ideology and violent in Iraq." He called on the UN official, Iraq's political "leaders to speed up the adoption of the framework of national reconciliation and political community enjoys broad support, and accelerate the implementation of the national political agreement and the ministerial program, and without delay the adoption of legislation to support the process of national reconciliation." Both the Government of Iraq and the Kurdistan Regional Government urged to continue to abide by the oil and revenue sharing, which was reached in the second of December 2014. And about the continuing deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Iraq, Ban said that "the humanitarian consequences of the current conflict in Iraq and enormous energy exceeding the government, which urgently needs to ongoing assistance from the international community." He pointed out that "25% of Iraqis in need of humanitarian assistance, including nearly 3 million internally displaced people, which makes the Iraq crisis one of the most complicated in the world of humanitarian emergencies."