Deputy : the debt of Kurdistan to Baghdad ( 18) billion US dollars

Saturday , 25 July 2015

Baghdad / Baghdadi News / ...

said the National Alliance MP Zeinab visual Arif, on Saturday, " said the Kurdistan region owes the federal government large sums, as the Ministry of Natural Resources Kurdish city of more than 8 billion dollars,

in addition to the accumulated debt since 21 months receivables of domestic banks, and of 7 billion dollars . "

Basri said in a statement received / Baghdadi News / , " that there are also accumulated debt from the employees' salaries in arrears for three months and in excess of two billion dollars, and almost a billion and a quarter of a billion dollars debt owed ​​to contractors in Kurdistan . "

She added that " the political will of the region followed drenched additional debt " , stressing the " need to send oil quotas agreed upon in the oil agreement with the central government in order to overcome this crisis .