Iranian Central: $ 29 billion Iran balances frozen abroad are to be released


Iranian Central: $ 29 billion Iran balances to be released

Baghdad .. Iran's central bank, revealed Sunday, that "the country's assets frozen abroad to be released if the successful implementation of the terms of the nuclear deal with the international six-party amounting to $ 29 billion and not $ 100 billion.

The news agency "AFP" for ways Iranian media, that "the Iranian Central Bank President Crown God Saif stressed that out of $ 29 billion, there are $ 23 billion back to the Central Bank's assets, and another 6 billion owned by the Iranian government.

Saif said that "the amount of which was announced earlier in July this $ 100 billion includes $ 35 billion is assets abroad employee in oil and gas projects, and $ 22 billion in deposits in the form of guarantees in Chinese banks.

He pointed out the Crown God sword that the funds that will be released is necessary to invest in the oil and gas industry, the petrochemical industry and other key sectors in the economy, also stressing the importance of the role of foreign investment in the Iranian economy, which has suffered from international sanctions for many years.

Central Bank president added that his country would be able to invest between 200 to 300 billion dollars of foreign investment.

And reached Iran in July 14 of this group (5 +1) (the five permanent members of the Security Council, namely the United States, France, Britain, Russia, China and Germany) a historic agreement for the settlement of the Iranian nuclear program crisis, and culminated in the difficult negotiations the adoption of a joint comprehensive action plan, if implemented, will be fully lifting of economic and financial sanctions imposed on Iran earlier by the Security Council, the United States and the Aloorobi.