Economic Reforms

08/23/2015 0:00

Today launched the (economic morning) new shape with the start of the morning 48 as usual to call since the idea of expansion, three pages devoted to the economy out of its importance at the local and global scales, widened to spaces economic affairs in various sectors of finance, business, trade and the stock exchange and other cover.

It is a happy coincidence The launch of (economic morning) that came with the economic reforms undertaken by the government, which came in response to the requests of the pro protesters and blessed by reference honest, these reforms that respond to the needs of the citizens of basic services and requirements package will be the focus of our mission in this Almrahlh.orb of asking and Maalaqh reforms basic needs tell him a direct correlation completely detached and touches the lives of the citizen being designed to correct reservoirs administrative bug that allowed spillover of corruption Voaaq certainly Development, Economic Reforms will for the foreseeable future to correct the basic services that were sparked demonstrations path.

The first tasks of (economic morning) follow-up and monitor the implementation of Economic reforms prejudice to the lives of citizens and presented with full transparency and disclosure through the visions of citizens and experts alike, and will go program aimed at creating economic culture consistent with Maatmr by the country of shifts by clarifying the advantages and disadvantages of decisions and leave the area for citizens to Takiimha.

vriv work of the Economic thread completely ready to assume new responsibility and deal with the events and addressed with full transparency, and will work hard to deliver the voice of citizens and experts to those in charge of economic decision for them to trace the problems and work to resolve them,

and the transfer of the true picture of what is going on in the orbit of economic affairs by monitoring the different manifestations and work to offer solutions to them and page mark the measures taken in many of the topics the next new Almchksh.almanmh may be difficult in Mrasha but goes easy on the direction of the country and the citizen service.