Parliamentary Finance: budget deficit in 2016 than previous years

The parliamentary finance committee, confirmed Saturday, she is waiting for the ministries and government institutions to submit their reports, which include the size of its 2016 budget, stressing that the fiscal deficit is estimated the weakness of the budget in 2015.

He said committee member Abdul Qader Mohammed told / information /, "The parliamentary Finance Committee is waiting for the ministries and government institutions to provide their own reports of their needs from the budget in 2016, which was supposed to be completed in the months of May and June last two."

"The Finance Committee after receiving the requirements of ministries and government institutions starts in the month of October left paragraphs of the budget for 2016 and then be presented to parliament for a vote before the end of this year."

Mohammed said that "the 2016 budget faces a deficit estimated the weakness of winning big fiscal deficit budget in 2015 due to the continuing decline in world oil prices and the war against terror gangs Daash Iraq which cost huge sums of money."