Governor of the Central Bank: 2016 will see a new Asaddarviat of paper currency to the Iraqi banknotes series


Said Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq and Ali Mohsen Keywords agency, that early 2016 will see the issuance of new categories of paper currency is the dinar and 50 000 100 000 dinars, the Iraqi currency notes series.

Keywords and said, "The work at the present time is to take the necessary measures to directly measures Add new categories 50 000 dinars and 100 000 dinars to smooth the Iraqi currency notes, adding, that the issuance of these two categories does not affect the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the US dollar."

He added, "The categories 50 thousand and 100 thousand will be the beginning of the promulgation in 2016 and quantities covering the market need, adding that" the issuance of two classes will not have a relationship to revive the Iraqi dinar against the dollar. "

As for fraud, stressed Keywords that "the advantages of the two categories Cetkonan good recipes are difficult and they falsified Sthmlan sophisticated and high protection such as transparent window and a sign of the Spark, which limit the counterfeiting operations security signs."

Keywords stressed, "The issuance of high categories will improve the performance of the Iraqi dinar and reduce dependence on the dollar in terms of large transactions will be performing large transactions in Iraqi dinars large groups.

Keywords and continued saying: "The central bank has no intention to withdraw from circulation categories for the time being except the 50 dinars category that have been withdrawn from circulation in the first of the month.

And he was a member of the Economic Committee MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Najiba Najib confirmed the development of new measures by the central bank and the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives for the issuance of pumping 50 class thousand dinars and a class of 100 000 dinars in the local market as a measure to reduce the demand for foreign currency and support the local currency.