The government is talking about went to activate the private sector and emphasizes: high price of the dollar will not last long


BAGHDAD / ... the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, an economic advisor to the Prime Minister Haidaralebadi, Sunday, Ban said the government moved aggressively to stimulate the private sector during the current 2016, for control of the economic conditions of the country, while pointing out that the rise in the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar We will not continue for a long time.

Saleh said for "Eye Iraq News", that "the Iraqi government has set numerous and integrated plans for the advancement of the areas of the private sector in the country, for control of the economic situation and securing financial expenses, as well as to avoid the risk of a financial crisis that threatens Iraq's economy significantly."

"The economic plans by the government to promote the private sector of the country, including the development of aspects of agriculture, industry and the introduction of modern methods to improve production.