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    HSBC exit Iraq ???

    from ISX website

    Performance of Iraq Stock Exchange, 2015
    10/01/2016 09:44

    The ISX witnessed decline in performance during 2015.
    1. Number of listed companies (98) Iraqi company.
    The number increased by listing (17) new companies and deletion of (2) companies during 2015.
    2. Number of listed shares increased to (8.7) trillion shares, with a rise of (53%) compared to 2014, including (5.669) trillion shares representing capitals of 23 listed Bank, its shares representing (65%) of the total listed shares. Therefore, the banking sector is still the leader in ISX.
    3. Number of traded shares (619) billion shares. With a decline of (17%) compared to 2014. Thus, the shares turnover amounted to (7%) of the total listed shares.
    4. The value of traded shares IQ (495) billion. With a decline of (45%) compared to 2014. The shares turnover rate takes (5%) of the market capitalization.
    5. Number of transactions (120,978) ticket. With a rise of (15%) compared to 2014.
    6. The market capitalization for ISX listed shares IQ (9.2) trillion. With a decline of (2%) compared to 2014.
    7. The price index ISX60 closed at (995.944) points on the first trading session 2015, and closed at (730.560) points in 2015 last session. Achieving a decline of (26%).
    8. The non-Iraqis bought (72) billion shares worth IQ (73) billion in (60) companies. The non-Iraqis sold (182) billion shares worth IQ (114) billion in (57) companies, including the sale of HSBC contribution in Dar-Alsalam Investment Bank.
    The market indicators are part of the Iraqi economy which has been affected by the economic crisis for the decline in oil prices globally since 2014. And reached its lowest level in the second half of 2015.
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