Iraq calls on its citizens to the owners of capital investment at home

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29/03/2009 29/03/2009ي". Iraq's industry ministry said the sector had sent an invitation to co-owners of the Iraqi capital to direct their investments into Iraq. The statement in this regard to "What it represents a promising market and has the ability to extend consumer and at least twenty years to come with that enjoyed by Iraq's oil wealth enormous. "
وقا". The statement said that "Iraq is heading towards the enactment of laws for the protection of the domestic product and consumer protection and competition law, which is a strong impetus to the mixed sector companies that have been played again in spite of the difficult lending conditions and unfair competition."
و. He noted that the value of the shares in those companies have been steadily rose, pointing out that this is a healthy phenomenon, not only of the companies concerned. بد. But also to new investors.
وأكد. The index of the stock market, the Baghdad Stock Exchange, where it proves the validity of some of the shares multiplied Okiem companies after the security situation improved.