Allow the Warka work allows re depositors' money

Praised economist of the Central Bank's decision to allow the Warka Bank to exercise its activities again, calling him from working over the past years that it was a decision arbitrarily, explaining that re-bank action will contribute to returns as incurred by the funds to depositors and Alamlae.waodh economist David Abdul Zayer (time ) yesterday that (the decision not to exercise the Warka Bank its activities during the past years was arbitrary because it was not able to earn money and return the money of depositors and customers). He added that the (central bank reconsidered the decision and felt that it is feasible to return the life Warka Bank and entered in the auction to be able to turn a profit and return what it incurred from the funds of depositors and customers).

The central bank has announced to allow the Warka Bank to exercise banking activities after rehabilitation. The bank said in a statement (based on the decision of guardianship for the Warka Bank lifted in accordance with the decision of the Financial Services Court No. 5 of 2013. In order to achieve the goal of monetary stability and the safety of the banking system and out of the Central Bank's role in maintaining confidence in the banking system and for the purpose of enabling the bank to perform its active role with commercial banks operating in Iraq announce his support for the rehabilitation of the bank), adding that (the bank will be allowed to engage in banking activities all, including the entry window of the sale and purchase of foreign currency, similar to banks and other working in the country to improve its resources and service economy). from the other hand, accused a member of the parliamentary finance committee Magda Tamimi, a member of the Commission Masood Haider covering up the corruption of US $ 15 million files. Said al-Tamimi told a news conference yesterday that (Haider cover up the corruption file for the purchase of a piece of land belonging Iraqi Commercial Bank in Alsellmanah province $ 15 million), she said, referring to (the formation of an investigative committee competent to assess the ground where further investigate proved that the estimated value of the land amounted to 8 to $ 10 million), as she put it.

Claim (s Haider sent to the Office of Financial Supervision for auditing). It was not possible (time) to obtain information about the accusation despite repeated contacts with a number of Alnwab.aly that revealed the cover of integrity Court, money laundering and economic crime in Baghdad for the start of private banks to pay what Bzmtha of fines and benefits Tojerih to the Central Bank of Iraq, banner that under the time limit expires early next year and by 10 billion dinars Hehria.oukal Court judge Radhi Fartusi in a statement, the judiciary said yesterday that (the central bank has already established a number of cases against 28 banks waged a result of falling into the breaches of the law after the discovery of the Board of control Finance), adding that (these banks have paid what Bzmtha with benefits the delay in previous years amounts reached 46 billion dinars, and on more than one batch) He explained Fartusi that (remaining owe fines and benefits of up to 191 billion and 551 million dinars, and that private banks committed under the decision of the central bank for payment during the timeframe expires in January of next year) .onoh that (payment by installments received a total of 10 billion dinars per month) system. Indicating that (the obligation to pay begun since last July). He stressed that the (restoration of these amounts got to follow up directly by the Federal Judicial Authority President Medhat al-Mahmoud and the Presidency of the resumption of the Federal Rusafa) Court .ozkr statement to a member of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives Hamoudi said yesterday that (Hammoudi received Chairman of the Integrity Commission Hassan Yassiri expressed last full cooperation to activate Hamoudi Initiative for supporting the local product and monitor the application of the ministries of the government's decision binding on contracting with local companies) .ohdd Hamoudi according to the statement on the (importance of cooperation and the pursuit of the executive and legislative branches of various committees to compel the ministries and the follow-up and hold them accountable for that and activate the relevant laws in support of national industries).