Iraq Stock Exchange recorded a decline in the number and value of shares traded for the month of January

Iraq Stock Exchange registered a decline in the value and number of shares traded for the month of January of this year, compared to December of last month, while the total number of shares traded which amounted to more than 32.715 billion shares worth nearing the 31 billion dinars.
The executive director of the market, Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The Iraq Stock Exchange systems in the month of January last 0.20 trading session for companies Regular market and the two companies to the second market," noting that "trading continued six meetings to execute commands opposite the intended commands an average price for the session. "

He said Abdul Salam, that "the market recorded trading 98 company where the number of companies listed in the formal market companies amounted to 76 companies, including 22 companies represented sectors banks, four insurance companies, and the two financial investment, and nine investment companies, and 21 manufacturing company, and ten companies for Hotels and Tourism, and six companies to cultivate and two for communications. "

Said Abdul Salam, that "the second market with 22 listed companies, including one in the banking sector, and other insurance, and four companies for financial investment, and 14 financial-transferable, and services company, and other industry," stressing that "the stock traded in the market during the month of January the last of more than 32.715 billion shares, of which 32.715 billion shares in the formal market, and 130 thousand shares in the second market. "

And investors traded non-Iraqis revealed Abdul Salam, that the "number of shares that were purchased by non-Iraqi investors amounted to more than 1.73 billion shares were traded through 746 transactions to buy," pointing out that "the number of shares sold by Non-Iraqi investors amounted to more than 3.040 billion shares were traded through 883 transactions sale. "
He said Executive Director of the market, that "the value of traded shares amounted to 30 billion and 931 million dinars, of which 30 billion and 930 million dinars in the formal market," noting that "the value of the shares that were purchased by non-Iraqi investors amounted to more than two billion and 333 million dinars, while the value of shares sold by them three billion and 547 million dinars. "
He pointed Abdul Salam, that "the market index agenda registered a decline in the number of shares traded during the last month compared to December, the month in which the number of shares traded amounted to 41.707 billion shares, valued at 41 billion and 536 million dinars."

The Abdel-Salam, that "the market index ISX60 closed at the end of the month of January 2016 at (638.54) low point by 12.6% compared to its value at the close of December 2015 amounting to 730.56 points," pointing out that "the index recorded its largest increase in the first session 3/1 when it closed at 723.98 points, while the lowest low during the month when it closed at 622.8 points in the 01/25/2016 meeting. "

The Iraq Stock Exchange in September called for 0.2015, to create "the Deposit Insurance Corporation" to protect depositors and earn "" investor confidence, and proposed the launch of a "national investment fund" to promote the value of investments, and as revealed that the banking sector represents 62% of the market shares, student develop a plan to overcome the international classification "bad" for the Iraqi economy.