A new Los Angeles Times Los Angeles Times that the European Union will try to at a meeting on Friday, the pressure on a number of countries, including Iraq To enter into treaties with the long-term for the processing of natural gas.

The newspaper said in a report published, "The European Union will press countries, eight of the southern neighbor, in addition to Iraq and Egypt, to join the long-term partnership that will support the income of natural gas over the coming years, as compared to Western Europe to provide a stable supply of natural gas ".

The newspaper said that at a meeting in Prague with the leaders of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Iraq, to pay towards the European Union's commitment to expand a broad network of gas pipeline from east to west, spanning thousands of kilometers.

The newspaper said the United States and Russia would attend the meeting as observers.

Russia was the last winter had to cut off gas to western Europe, a result of commercialization of the gas dispute between Russia and Ukraine, which concern the European Union project to pump Russian gas south.

The newspaper said the draft of the declaration to be issued after a meeting on Friday called for linking the EU gas-thirsty gas-rich country bordering the Caspian Sea and beyond to "the benefit of all parties." The draft requests from the Governments of those countries, to comply with the long-term and beneficial business resolution of all problems that hinder the project.