America decides to send bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons to fight Daash


The United States decided to send bombers [B-52] strategy capable of carrying nuclear weapons to fight "Daash" terrorist, according to the channel "Fox News Sunday."

Quoted US television channel Saturday, March 5 / March for a US military source said that these heavy bombers will begin raids in April / April, the source did not mention the number of aircraft and the number of crew members, but pointed out that the [B-52] will replace the aircraft [P1] that bombed "Daash" sites in Syria and Iraq.

The launchers are used [B-52] in the United States for more than 50 years, and had been designed to deliver nuclear bombs.

Channel indicated that aircraft [P1] returned to their bases in the United States last January, and was Chief of Staff of the US Air Force, Charles Brown announced that [P1] back to the rules "in order to make some adjustments."