Financial: auction sale of foreign currency "Savior" to Iraqi dinar



Member of the parliamentary Finance Committee Jabbar Al-Abadi, Sunday, the presence of many positives the auction sale of foreign currency at the Central Bank, among this action as a savior for the Iraqi dinar.

Abadi said the agency/information/political, "Central Bank of Iraq on the sale of foreign currencies through Basra are political incorrect to balance the dollar exchange rate," he said, adding that "if not for the dollar's gradual rise prices weakens the value of the dinar, which means he saved the local currency from decayed in the previous period.

"The Central Bank an institution as the rest of the institutions of the State, where some cases of corruption and possibly some default but this does not mean that his failed completely it is a sober institution outlining the Iraqi economy which supports it directly."

Some experts and specialists auction sale of Central Bank selling currency outlet for waste currency tool to gain some financial firms and banks at the expense of the public interest.

While a member of the parliamentary Finance Committee Attorney Masood Haider, on Saturday, the Iraqi State does not benefit anything from hard currency auction of Central Bank and customs and tax.