Private banks managers discuss with the Iraqi Central Bank officials liquefied task


Managers discussed about 40 Iraqi private banks, with officials at the CBI ways to put the initiative of the central bank for the financing of small and medium enterprises into effect.

They stressed during a joint meeting attended by banking and credit director of Iraq 's central bank Ahsan Shomran Yassiri, the head of the Iraqi private banks association Wadih Handal, on the need to speed up the implementation of the central bank 's strategy with regard to particular financing small and medium enterprises to move the Iraqi market and the elimination of unemployment plaguing the country in under the current financial crisis. the head of the Iraqi private banks association during the meeting held at the Central Bank of Iraq building the importance of such direct meetings between officials of the central bank and the private banks , calling for continuity in the future and stressed the importance of encouraging private banks to contribute to the financing of small enterprises the medium in support of the national economy, also called for easing procedures routine and bureaucracy that characterize most government institutions in their dealings with private banks. on his part , said Executive Director of the Association of private banks Ali Tariq in a statement to the economy News that the meeting also discussed ways to implement the central bank 's plan regarding good governance and the use of modern scientific theories in the electronic banking systems and the role of the banking sector of the Iraqi economy. the participants agreed to hold regular meetings to exchange views and to overcome the problems and obstacles faced by the private banks.