The central bank reduced the money that allows the traveler to carry $ 3000

Baghdad , theIraqi Central Bank decided today toidentify travelers share by 3 thousand dollars only, while pointing to thepossibility of the traveler submit anapplication in case he needs alarger amount, warned banks and remittance of manipulating quotas. A source at thecentral bank said it " acommitment to the law of theIraqi Central Bank and theguidelines for theinternational Monetary Fund and international norms and practices, the central bank covers requests for importers and citizens for the purposes oftravel, study, treatment and other requirements asspecified in theinstructions, thecurrency of thedollar from this point the bank decided tomeasures that will help to support thedinar and control dollar. "The source ,who asked not to be named ,said" theactions represented to be the sale price of thedollar for thepurposes of theabove amount not to exceed 1,200 dinars to the dollar for the sale of cash or money orders and letters of credit, as well as the quota of each passenger is (3000) three thousand dollars only. "the source indicated that" if the traveler is a need to more amount to cover essential needs , it can provide adocumented special request including supported therequest to thebanks or banking companies before suitable for obtaining approvals fundamentalism on - demand period. " the source added that" in the absence of aresponse banks or theconversion or banking to importers or citizens of , thesale of dollars at a higher price requests which companies responded, or delay or obstruct theorders of theCentral Bank would take tough sanctions against them. "The central bank already allows travelers to carry sums of up to $ 5,000.