Canada and the Global Currency Reset - Karen Hudes: Dinars, Dong and Zim

March 25, 2016

Karen Hudes .. Subject: Spotlight Magazine - Canada and the Global CurrencyReset

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Dinars, Dong and Zim

The currency speculators are not going to get rich during the Global CurrencyReset. There have been a flood of paper currencies printed from developing countries, including the Dinars, Dong and Zim. Scammers have sold these currencies to people outside these countries. These currencies are not going to be redeemed under the Global Currency Reset.

The people inside the countries are going to exchange the currencies issued by the private central banks up to a limit for each person. The limit for US Dollars is $1 million. How and when amounts above this limit can be exchanged is going to be decided by the residents of each country.

Other countries are going to establish the limits for their own national currencies.

The gold is going to stay in the currency, because the price of gold is very stable and it is going to be calculated according to its historic value in the major currencies, by using a basket of goods and services. People will exchange the currencies issued by the private central banks first for currencies issued by their treasuries, and these currencies will then be exchanged for the currencies out of gold.