Allawi, al-Alusi is suing for allegedly transferred $ 1.2 billion abroad


announced that the President of the National Coalition Office of the Prime coalition Iyad Allawi sue MP for theCivic Democratic Alliance Alusi after the latter accused of converting billion and $ 200 million abroad when he was president of the interim government from 2004 to 2005.

A statement by the office of Allawi received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, "Mithal al - Alusi, claimed by Channel [satellite], issuing Allawi at his first prime minister directed the Warka Bank Ahli headed by Saad structure to convert an amount of $ 1200 million billion two hundred million dollars] out of Iraq. "
He added that" this claim by Mithal al - Alusi to get this incident a liar and a free health completely and absolutely, as Alusi did not mention the beneficiary that has been a huge a amount of conversion of one billion and two hundred million dollars and when was this conversion ?! ".

The statement pointed out that" any prime minister does not address the private banks directly because it is not the executive of the conversion but you mean correspondence that I found to the Ministry of Finance and theCentral Bank of Iraq and these two institutions are the two Deciding how to deal with the transfer of an amount ofthis size . "

the statement stressed that" can refer to the Adel Abdul - Mahdi, Minister of Finance and timely Shabibi Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq at the time to make sure that such an incident did not get at all , "noting that" private banks to possess such an amount and could not get even a portion it is only through the Central Bank. "

said Allawi 's office , " we will bring legal action against Alusi for libel and defamation , especially as the Warka Bank , which dates back to the family did not have any decent forward such an incident and distance himself from such lies. "