Stock market sign three agreements with the agency to develop Direct FN dealings and make it more reliable

Iraq Stock Exchange, announced on Thursday, three agreements with the agency DirectFN information sign for the development of his dealings from investors and make them more reliable, likely to sign similar agreements with other agencies to promote his work.

The executive director of the market, Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The management of the market took place today in the city of Dubai, three agreements with the agency DirectFN of information management, after discussions lasted three months," adding that "the agreement ensures transmission market new, advanced to the stage and content in financial dealings with investors. "

Abdul Salam said that "the agreements will organize the relationship between the Iraq Stock Exchange as a source of data securities trading with the agency (DFN (DirectFN specialized in the analysis and dissemination of data and information for financial markets to investors, including data and prices of shares traded for the moment implemented online price over the bar prices."
Revealed Executive Director, for "market sought to expand Taakedath to include other specialized agencies to provide financial services and the expansion of its data center."
Depends traders and investors in the Iraq Stock Exchange on the knowledge of the movement of shares traded through the market site, monitors the President, but to contract with these agencies will enable rolling and investor that reassures the shares and can be seen, knowledge and verification of any information at any time and anywhere.