Decision: Parliament will hold an extraordinary session during Ramadan

Publishing Date: Sun, 05 Jun 2016 9:14:40 | Views: 39

BAGHDAD - The news today is likely the House of Representatives rapporteur MP Imad Youkhana, Sunday, a special meeting was held during the month of Ramadan, noting that this meeting be held for the purpose of the reshuffle and discuss the situation in the country. He said Youkhana in an interview with the news agency today, " The meetings and dialogues between thepolitical blocs ongoing on the political situation and developments in the security of the country ,"likely" an extraordinary session of the House of Representatives during the month of Ramadan held. " He added that" this session will be perhaps for the purpose of the reshuffle, and therefore will be attended by MPs, including members of the Liberal bloc, "he said . " this meeting will bedevoted to discuss the situation in the country . " he continued Youkhana said : " The meeting will be held after the decision of the Federal Court and the entry of deputies block the reform of the meetings , "explaining that" after the court 's decision could be several extraordinary sessions to discuss