Banks, hotels shares leading the index Iraq Green Zone

2016/06/19 | 15:40

(Encyclopedia of the Day News | Iraq News ) - straightforward: the general index of the Iraqi market for securities trading ended on Sunday, an increase of 0.23% profitable 1.15 points, recouping its losses a hearing on Thursday, reaching the level of 505.61 points.

And support of the Iraqi index rising 3 of the shares of the banking sector in the forefront of the Bank of Babylon 6.25% issued by the gainers today.

Prices have risen 5 of the shares of the hotel sector in the forefront of the Mosul Dam by 4.23%, and limited the rise in the sector fell equity Hotel Babylon and Assyria hotel rates 0.93% and 0.68%, respectively.

Services saw shares widely, rose City Games Karkh 5.74% became the second winner, topped the Baghdad public transport worst performer, down 3.7%.

The volume of trading today 1.12 billion shares, valued at 990.95 million dinars, compared to 721.34 million shares, valued at 444.77 million dinars at the end of trading Thursday.

And has today's trading on the shares of 34 companies were 9 shares of which rose, while the decline in the performance of five other stocks.