Central bank: no intention to withdraw the category of 50,000 dinars from the domestic market

Denied adviser to the CBI Walid Idi, Wednesday, news transmitted on the withdrawal of the 50 categories thousand dinars from the local market, adding that this news are baseless.
"The central bank issued this category after long study and can not be withdrawn from the local market," he said, adding that it is characterized by high quality specifications in terms of design, printing, and its proximity to the bar can be blind to touch it and see category, "according to Manglth and news agency Nina.

"The Bank, after deducting the idea of ​​issuing a class of 100 000 dinars, and the deletion of zeros from the currency, resorted to issuing a class of 50 000 dinars first," he said, adding that "this category able reductase large cash categories of paper in one easy movement, pregnancy and kept the money from being stolen ".

He Idi "the difficulty of forging this category or manipulated being designed with the latest equipment."
Some media deliberated news about the intention of the central bank to withdraw the 50 thousand dinars category of the market for its similarity to a certain extent with the class of 1000 dinars.