In the parliamentary finance by calling for the support of banks and activating the deposit law

History of edits:: 06.04.2016 13:39

{Baghdad} Euphrates News called the parliamentary finance committee member Ahmed Sarhan, the government to support banks and activate the deposit law for the purpose of revitalization of the banking sector and development of the country's economy.

The MP said Sarhan Ahmed told {Euphrates News} " The development of the banking sector in Iraq is through the government support for the banks, as well as the Central Bank and funding required amounts to be able to fulfill their duties to the fullest , " noting that "this depends on the amount found in the reserve the central bank ".
He pointed out that" the distribution of deposits in the state framework bank deposits law, enabling individuals to deposit their belongings in the banks and treats these holdings leads to a continuous movement between customers and banks. "

explained Ahmed said , " this will generate big banking movement will be development of the economy of this movement and through the deposit law , "noting that" these are the main things that you can state which move the banks and support so that it works properly and lead to the development of the Iraqi economy , as required. "

he noted , " what hinders revitalize the banking sector is the "lack of trust citizen banks the reasons and obstacles linked. " the economic expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine, said on the ninth of May," the banking system in Iraq put a miserable. " said Antoine's {Euphrates News}" with the rise in oil prices up to $ 50 per barrel , then the amount of of the budget deficit and opens the way for the Iraqi government to pay the debt and ease the burden on in addition to the economic budget move to create jobs at home , "adding , " now there is an economic paralysis in the private sector and non - payment of the government 's commitments in addition to the banking system in Iraq in a desperate situation and this has exacerbated the problem and held more ".